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The World Conference on Mechanical Engineering is coming to the marvelous city of Berlin, Germany on 09-11 December 2022. There are many reasons to attend this conference. The learning opportunities are unparalleled. The scientific committee of the event ensures that every research paper presented at the event meets its high standards for quality, relevance, and authenticity. Furthermore, this academic conference is full of networking opportunities. Whether you are a researcher looking for funding for your next project, an academic interested in better understanding upcoming trends, or a graduate student interested in mentorship programs, the Mechanical Engineering conference 2022 is the place you want to be.

Table Of Contents

Increasing heat rejection of AC Unit condenser placed in rooftop in a Bus

Onur Özcan, Alp Eren Yıldız

Verification of Virtual Vehicle Dynamics Models of Commercial Passenger Bus by Tests

Erol Cifci, Ahmet Salih Yılmaz, Kemal Demir

Assessment of crack-tip constraint effects on fracture toughness of API 5L X65 steel based on BS 7910 procedures

Paul Sukpe, Prof. Rade Vignjevic, Dr Kevin Hughes, Dr Rob Kulka

The Creation of Real-Time Emotion Recognition System Following the Machine Learning Algorithm for Smart Transportation

Amzar Azizan, Fawad Ahmad and Nurhakimah Norhashim

Hydrogen related perspectives in Brazil

Gustavo Henrique Romeu da Silva, Andreas Nascimento, Nazem Nascimento

Firing Phenomenon Optimization for Multiple Unguided Rockets Launchings from LAROM Platform

Neculai-Daniel ZVÎNCU, Cristian-Emil MOLDOVEANU, Mihai-Ionuț UNGUREANU, Dumitru Costin BERECHET, Florin-Marian DÎRLOMAN

Development and Characterization of Energetic Formulations Incorporating Polyurea/Polyurethane Binders

Florin-Marian DÎRLOMAN, Traian ROTARIU, Gabriela TOADER, Bogdan-Gheorghe PULPEA, Mihai-Ionuț UNGUREANU, Neculai-Daniel ZVÎNCU

Assesment of HEA Plates Behavior at Impact with Hard Penetrators

Mihai-Ionuț UNGUREANU, Florin-Marian DÎRLOMAN, Nicolae-Adrian ROTARIU, Cristian-Liviu MATACHE, Dumitru-Costin BERECHET, Neculai-Daniel ZVÎNCU

Numerical Study of Nozzle Flow for a Rocket Engine Operating with Liquid Oxygen/Methane Propellants

Abderrahmane Zidane, Feriel Hasballaoui and Mohamed Reda Abtouche

Laser Post-Processing of Thermally Sprayed NiCrCoFeCBSi/WC Coatings

Živilė Decker, Olegas Černašėjus, Jelena Škamat

AI-ML-assisted Analysis, Generative Evolutionary Bio-Inspired Coding, and Food-Energy-Water Master Planning Scenarios for Coastal Cities, 2018-2100

Prof. Thomas Spiegelhalter

Hybrid Robot 3D-printed 50 m long Steel Bridge Realisation - AI-Massisted Generative GA/EA Design Workflows and Optimization

Prof. Thomas Spiegelhalter

Numerical investigation of Residence Time Distribution for Newtonian fluid using Lattice Boltzmann Method

Feriel Hasballaoui, Samir Khali

Failure Analysis of (±55)4 Basalt/Epoxy Composite Pipes with a Surface Crack under Tensile Force

Bahadır Acar, Harun Sepetcioglu
Conference Dates
Friday, 9 Dec 2022 - Sunday, 11 Dec 2022
Conference Type
INNSiDE by Meliá Berlin Mitte & Meliá Berlin , Munich , Germany