About Us


STECONF is an organization as well as a knowledge and networking platform that brings the brightest minds in academia together for engineering conferences, technology conferences, and other science conferences. Rooted in the principles of open access and transparency, STECONF events strive to break down knowledge and geographic silos in order to allow researchers and scientists from around the world to share their experiences and perspectives, learn from each other, inspire further scientific progress, and form research partnerships. The world of science, engineering and technology holds answers to both micro and macro challenges. It is vital that stakeholders in the field – academics, non-profit and research organizations, government agencies, and private businesses – have a joint platform to share their knowledge, brainstorm solutions, exchange their experiences, and identify new application opportunities. This is where STECONF comes in. It unites a diverse group of people around the common goal of learning.

The Mission of STECONF

The Principles of STECONF

The design and organization of every event are guided by the following set of principles:

The environment of the event should be conducive of learning.

This is achieved through the appropriate use of technology, careful selection of the venue, and thorough screening of paper submissions.

Each paper submission undergoes a thorough evaluation.

The scientific committee of the event evaluates every incoming speaker proposal, determining its fit based on the criteria of relevancy, authenticity, and originality. The scientific committee enforces a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism or other forms of academic dishonesty.

The event embraces the diversity of backgrounds and opinions.

Each participant has a unique story that's shaped by their experience, knowledge, and background. Hate speech is not tolerated at the event, and each attendee is required to be respectful in their actions and communication.

The learnings from the event can be accessed freely.

Research presented at the event is not gated behind paywalls and subscriptions. It can be accessed by anyone in the world with an internet connection.

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Who Attends STECONF Events

These academic events are attended by a diverse audience: undergraduate and postgraduate students, professors and educators, researchers, scientists, and other members of academia, as well as representatives of government institutions, non-profit organizations, and for-profit businesses.

Attendees join from around the world: India, Peru, the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Czech Republic, Spain, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Brazil, and numerous others.

What You Gain by Joining STECONF Events