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What We're All About

The World Academy of Science, Technology and Engineering is an open science research organization dedicated to promoting the advancement of science, technology and engineering.

STECONF is a global platform that brings together scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, and professionals to inspire dialogue, share resources and address the challenges in various fields of Science, Technology, and Engineering. Our events cover both theoretical and experimental aspects in the fields of permanent interest.

STECONF allows anyone to attend events that fuel their passions and enrich their lives. Our reach extends to every corner of the globe, fostering networking opportunities that strengthen knowledge transfer within and across countries and academic communities.

We support the professional growth of our members by providing opportunities for professional networking, life‐long learning, and career development. A wide range of activities keeps STECONF moving including organizing conferences, reviewing academic papers, and publishing conference proceedings, to name a few.

Join STECONF to enjoy a professional, seamless experience at every stage of your attendance, online or in-person.

The Benefits of STECONF

STE events are being held in European countries, with participants joining from across the globe in person or virtually. Postgraduate students, researchers, university professors, engineers and all practitioners in various industries comprise our audiences.

The quality of STE events are guaranteed by the cooperation of prominent and renowned scientific committee members from well-known universities and educational institutions.

STE establishes cooperation with well-known scientific publishers and specialized journals to develop and republish the findings of the scholars.

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Reducing duplication costs in collecting, creating, transferring and reusing data and scientific material; allowing more research from the same data; and multiplying opportunities for domestic and global participation in the research process.
The greater scrutiny offered by Open Science allows a more accurate verification of research results.
Increased access to research results can foster spillovers and extra benefits to researchers, not only to scientific systems but also to innovation systems broadly.
STECONF also allows the closer involvement and participation of citizens from across the globe.


Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."


We aim to be the highly recognized organizer of Technology and Engineering conferences.


Everyone interested in engineering and technology fields from across the globe with any budget can use the latest research findings.


STECONF is not simply an academic conference organizer. We create experiences that stay with our attendees long after an event is over.