How It Works


At the present context, the world today is amidst issues across different sectors that are in the run to seek for solutions ensuring longevity and sustainability. STECONF, as professionals in the Conference organizing industry function not alone as event organizers but engage in the development process of the Conferences involving research with the subject matter experts ensuring the objective of addressing the subject is sufficed with quality cum creativity. The Conferences are custom made as per social requirement adhering to the norms in a different perspective as we vision on behalf of the stakeholder requirements guaranteeing maximum returns on time and effort invested. STE Conferences are categorized into focal areas of research distinguishing on the basis of nature of the topics dealt as follows;

STECONF Publications

The success story of the journey of a researcher comes to light with publishing in prestigious modes of publications. STECONF Publications have always lived up to the satisfaction of the researchers in demonstrating quality and timely publishing undertaken by a team of dedicated individuals possessing the right tools of expertise that produces supreme mediums in the form of the Book of Abstracts, Conference Proceedings and Internationally peer-reviewed Journals indexed in some of the world-renowned sources to publish research work.

Other Knowledge Sharing Platforms

In addition to the Conferences, as a knowledge transferor destined to provide continuous opportunity for knowledge enhancement, STECONF organizes Forums, Round table discussions, Students’ Gathering Workshops, Field Tours and Visits hosted by prominent personalities in the subject matter.