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International Conference on Research in Robotics and Automation Engineering

About Proceeding

The field of robotics has made unimaginable progress in the past few decades. As a result, the application of robotics and automation engineering solutions have expanded exponentially: agriculture, construction, mining, healthcare, education, defense, architecture, and other industries.

The International Conference on Research in Robotics and Automation Engineering will explore trends and challenges, encouraging the attendees to actively participate in discussions, contribute to the shared knowledge pool, share their experiences, and think of creative solutions to the problems that the field faces both on macro and micro levels.

Table Of Contents

Promoting collaboration and co-responsibility in the working environment through an innovative framework based on systemic methodologies

Simone Perazzoli and José Pedro de Santana Neto

Smart Underground Water Consumption Monitoring

Abduljabbar Saleh Al-Mohsen

From Machine Learning towards Deep learning; an age of Automation in Higher Education

Samsad Reza

Development of Stack Particulate Matter Simulator

Masashi Wada, Atsushi Harada

A Systematic Review of Methods for Cleaning FOD on Runways

Silva Vidal, Y., Diaz Arapa, C., Huamani Mejia, A., Elvis Supo, C., Apaza Gutierrez J. and Pinto Salas, P.
Conference Dates
Friday, 1 Jul 2022 - Sunday, 3 Jul 2022
Conference Type
Hotel Excelsior Munich , Munich , Germany
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