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Conference Objectives

Learn more about the conference objectives of STECONF

The Conference Objectives of STECONF

The primary goal of STECONF is to provide an engaging platform and immersive learning experience to its diverse audience in order to help shape the future of the fields of science, technology, and engineering.

Each event is organized with the following aims:


Provide an agenda that covers research that's relevant, authentic, and original. Facilitate discussions and learning sessions by using various presentation formats: in-person presentations, poster presentations, virtual presentations, roundtables, workshops, etc.


Make sure that all attendees have an opportunity to engage in discussions outside of lectures and presentations. Set up networking events, use technology to facilitate easy introductions, and create both formal and informal opportunities for networking.


Use technology to enable anyone in the world to attend the event, be it in-person or virtually. Those who are not able to travel to the event must be able to seamlessly experience the content of the event through virtual presentations. Make sure to provide visa support to those who are able to travel to the venue but require a visa in order to enter the host country


Make sure that the research presented at the event reaches as many people as possible through the principles of open-access publishing. Promote the research throughout the network and various marketing channels.

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