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World Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering

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Featuring presentations by the world’s leading academics, this civil engineering conference will do a deep dive into such topics as computers in architecture, sustainable architecture, intelligent bridges, disaster management, earthquake engineering, reliability-based design of foundations, and a range of other topics that impact the way communities operate on a daily basis.
The World Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering is an event that every academic in the discipline must consider attending. So mark your calendar for March 11-13 and make your way to the vibrant city of Berlin, Germany.

Table Of Contents

Cost assessment of the RC framed buildings with Scrap Tyres as the base isolators for the buildings situated in high seismic risk zone

Cici Jennifer Raj J, Vinod Kumar M, Shabarish S

Structural Efficiency Improvement of Tall Buildings under Wind Load Using High Modulus Concrete

Thitipoom Puajindanetr and Tospol Pinkaew

Comparative study on performance of Air-Cooled Condenser (ACC) steel platform structures using SCBF frame, space frame and CFST frame

Hassan Gomar, Shahin Bagheri, Nader Kayvan

Study on Specificity and Accessibility of Convenience Stores in Urban Environment: Focused on Examples of Seoul

Ekaterina Shafray

Principles of architectural and planning design of multifunctional residential complex for young families

Davydova Ekaterina

Performance Evaluation of Hybrid One-Part Alkali Activated mortar

Eddy Yusslee (Eddy Mohd Fairuz Bin Mohd Yusslee),S Beskhyroun (Dr. Sherif Beskhyroun)

Use of Glass and Plexiglass for Stiffening Architectural Structures Exposed To Earthquake

Jefto Terzović, Dejan Vasović2 and Darko Pavićević

Seismic Performance of Different Types of RC Flat Slab with Various Structural Systems under Earthquake Load

Vinod Kumar M, Taha Abou Hamza
Conference Dates
Friday, 11 Mar 2022 - Sunday, 13 Mar 2022
Conference Type
Wyndham Garden Berlin Mitte Hotel , Berlin , Germany
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