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Conference Visa Overview

Learn more about receiving the conference invitation letter and applying for the conference visa  towards the participant.

STECONF Conference Visa Support

STECONF prides itself on the diversity of its audience, welcoming participants from all around the world every year – the United States, Kenya, South Africa, France, Japan, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Chile, Hungary, Oman, Egypt, and dozens of others.

STECONF events are organized in European cities, including but not limited to Oxford, Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Barcelona, and Paris.

If you require a visa to enter the host country, STECONF will provide a letter of invitation that states the nature of your participation.

Please note that STECONF is not able to provide visa support beyond issuing the official letter of invitation.

If your visa application is not successful, STECONF is not able to refund your registration fee.

Conference Invitation Letter Information

In order to receive the official invitation letter that can be submitted to the relevant embassy or consulate, please fill out the conference invitation letter form on your account. A letter of invitation is only issued once the registration is accepted and the participation fee is paid in full. If you do not hear back from the event organizer, contact the support team – the email address is indicated on the event page for the conference you are registering to attend. The invitation letter will state the nature of your participation – a scientific committee member, a delegate, a presenter, etc. – as well as the statement of conference registration confirmation.

Conference visa

Schengen Visa Information

Many of STECONF events are organized in countries that are members of the Schengen Area.

To learn more about the Schengen Area visa requirements and entry into the European Union, proceed to this link: